Advisory Services


Lane & Co. helps nonprofits develop and implement strategies for improving the efficiency and relevancy of their business, financial accounting, and technology processes. Whether your goal is to lower costs, improve efficiency or keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology, Tate & Tryon can help improve your organization’s performance. We provide the objective and knowledgeable advice that your management team requires to make key business decisions.

We offer assistance in the following areas:

Reserve Adequacy – A Risk Based Approach
Reserve strategy and policy formation is an essential element of an organization’s risk management protocol. Virtually every financial decision affects an organization’s reserves and monitoring the level of reserves is a key task for the board and management. In an advisory capacity, we help you identify and quantify potential risks and investment opportunities, integrating them into a clear reserve strategy that harmonizes with your strategic goals.

Finance Organization Opportunities Assessment
Our finance department opportunities assessment identifies opportunities for your finance organization to increase its effectiveness, efficiency, and to provide better support of the organization’s strategic goals. We evaluate existing staffing structure, processes, and the related technology environment and identify opportunities for improving your process efficiency and quality through process redesign and effective use of technology based on proven best practices employed by other similar organizations. We will recommend opportunities to help your finance organization achieve the following goals:

  • Provide timely and cost effective support of the organization’s strategic goals
  • Focus efforts on higher value decision support functions
  • Reduce or eliminate non- value added activities

New CEO Diagnostic
Changes in top management present a unique opportunity for an objective look at your organization’s operations. Your first year as the new chief staff executive can be the most critical in determining your own and the organization’s long-term success. Getting off to a good start means establishing clear objectives against which to measure success and achievement.

Financial Governance Assessment
Effective financial governance is essential, in fact, many states require it. The role and functions of your Board and its various committees such as finance, budget, audit, investment, and compensation must be clearly understood. Coordination and collaboration with management, the board, and other committees can be challenging given the changing expectations for nonprofit governance. We provide practical guidance to boards and financial oversight committees based on our observations of observable practices employed in the nonprofit industry.

Internal Control Design
Reported improprieties at prominent nonprofit organizations raise serious questions about financial governance, particularly internal controls and processes. A primary responsibility of management and the board is to ensure that an organization is accountable for its finances to contributors, members, the public, and government regulators.